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3 Tools to Heal Emotional Eating Workshop

3 Tools to Heal Emotional Eating Workshop

Do you immediately turn to food for comfort when your day goes wrong?

Do you find yourself at the bottom of the pint of ice cream, wondering where it all went?

Do you have the best of intentions with your healthy eating habits, but have a hard time sticking to them when you get stressed, sad, lonely, or angry? 

If this sounds like you, then let us help!

Join us for an interactive workshop where Caitlin Ball and Andrina Tisi will teach you 3 different tools to help you heal your emotional eating habits.

Caitlin is a health coach, specializing in intuitive eating, and will help you understand how your emotions are tied to your eating habits, teach you how to decipher between emotional and physical food cravings, and help you find new ways to deal with your emotions without using food.
Find out more about Caitlin here.

Andrina is a health and EFT coach (also known as emotional freedom technique or tapping), and will explain what tapping is, teach you how to incorporate it into your life to reduce emotional and impulse eating and how you can use it as an everyday tool. More about Andrina you will find under the About section.

Lastly, Caitlin and Andrina will show you how essential oils can help your emotional eating. PLUS, you will have the opportunity to create a custom essential oil blend based on your personal needs to take home with you.

Date: Saturday June 9, 2018
Time: 10:00 – 12:00
Price: CHF 45.-
Location: Wholelicious – Andrina Tisi – Hegibachstrasse 115, 8032 Zurich