Since the beginning of the year I’ve been meaning to send out my newsletter for January. I kept thinking I need to add this and that before I can send it and oh wait that needs to updated on my website first and this I need to finalized as well.

Between all the chitchat in my head a big alarm sign went off.

So often we think that we first need to do something before we can do something else. Does that make sense?

My newsletter is just one example, here are some more.perfectionism

  • I will start Yoga when I am more flexible
  • I am only going to join the gym when I lost weight because I am embarrassed right now.
  • I will quit my job when I have a new one
  • I can’t go to France because I don’t speak the language
  • I will be really happy after….or when xyz happens
  • If I had more time I would do xyz …

We live in a perfectionist society where making mistakes and not being perfect at something is looked at as a flaw. So rather then embarrassing ourselves of possibly making a mistake or not being perfect we don’t do it at all. We feel we need to be good at everything without ever having learned it. How is that possible? What has happened with being a beginner?

Ask yourself where are you holding yourself back because you think you need to achieve something first?