Comments from 2014 Spring Cleaning and Weekend to Energize & Strengthen Retreats:

What did you like best?:

It was an exploration into so many ways of Yoga – I can’t say what I loved most: the diversity was good.

A lot! Both of your ways of being and teaching. The heartfelt generosity, joy of giving and nurturing. The inclusion of mantras and meditation, the opportunity to explore different styles. The lake. The experience of a multi-dimentional and holistic retreat (eg. action through the body and the impact on psyche and insights as well as support through diet/food)

That I could “consume”, float with, recharge, be with me. Beautiful location and yummy food.

Everything!! Creation of a save haven. Learning so much about yoga and our bodies. AND the delicious food!!

What is your biggest take away?:

That I know that I can improve my health and see improvements in how I breath and move. I loved it!! I thought 4 days would be long – it was not!!

Knowing how good this is for me and that I want to go further. And the shoulder pain going away and the extend to which my body “cracked” and naturally fixed my subluxation

Listen to my body and that “bad” habits can be overcome , health issues are possible to be worked on. To love my body and treat it with the respect it deserves.

There  is nothing I can not do.


“Dear Andrina and Niki, I just realized, that I can go in and out of my car without ANY limitations, no special slow movement, just in and out 🙂 Long time since I had this feeling – THANK YOU SO MUCH.

“Thank you so much. You have done a wonderful job sharing knowledge, inspiring us and making us feel very welcome. I definitely plan on joining you for another retreat next year.



Before the 30 Day Sugar Cleanse I was struggling with  over snacking, bad habits and was not educated on the sugar levels in food. Within 4 weeks I have overcome by coffee addiction, lost 8 lbs, created better habits, improved my food knowledge and I didn’t even have to starve myself.

DU   – Vancouver 



I was frustrated with my weight loss and didn’t feel in control. During the 30 Day Sugar Cleanse I lost weight I have tried to loose for 20 years and I feel empowered. And I didn’t even have to work that hard.

CP – Vancouver



I was addicted to chai lattes, luna bars and eating by convenience. Within a few days on the 30 Day Sugar Cleanse I felt amazing, had energy and learned how to eat properly and healthy. And I didn’t even feel hungry.

RH – Vancouver 





Ever wanted to be have someone who will walk through a grocery store with you and provide educated commentary on food, supplements, deals (or not), make non-judgemental recommendations on what you should/shouldn’t be eating to address your individual metabolism, sensitivities, goals…? Our stores are now so complicated, offer an overwhelming array of choices, and are filled with so much crap! Happy to share with you that I have found a person who does just that and so much more! Contact Andrina. (PS she makes amazing homemade Kombacha and is willing to share!) Thanks Eastside Fitness for leading me to this amazing new friend and mentor!

JW – Vancouver



I have had a fantastic experience with Andrina & Wholelicious. I have taken yoga classes with Andrina, as well as conducted the 6 months health coaching program. She is very good about tailoring a program to your needs and your goals, and finding personalized ways to achieve those goals. She has me drinking water after 26 years of terrible habits (and that says a lot)! One of the best aspects of working with her is that she is very welcoming, not intimidating in the least, and she really listens to what you have to say. I love that she incorporates all areas of health & wellness, not just nutrition and diet. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an integrated health program or for a yoga instructor. I wouldn’t do the program or yoga with anyone else!

AN – Vancouver 



Andrina spoke at our company’s Health & Wellness Week in October where she conducted an extremely informative workshop on making healthy choices in the grocery store and ways to curb sugar intake. The handouts she provided for our employees to take home were full of excellent recipe suggestions and pertinent information on how to decipher nutrition labels at the grocery store. I really appreciate Andrina’s philosophy of creating a nutritional plan for each individual based on their specific needs and wants; it shows that she takes the time to assess everyone separately and come up with a plan of action that is easy to follow and stick to. From her expertise and willingness to answer questions, I’d highly recommend her as a speaker and as a one-on-one nutritional consultant.

Vision 7 Vancouver



After many years of consuming processed foods, sugars, and caffeine I knew it was time for a change.  I had been feeling extremely lethargic and was getting frequent headaches so I decided I needed to put my body through a cleanse.  Andrina worked with me and tailored a cleanse to meet my needs, it was realistic but also very challenging.  Not only did Andrina walk me through the process of what I can and cannot eat (she even provided cooking instructions!) but she also took the time to check in with me daily and provide ongoing motivation.  By the end of the two weeks I could honestly proclaim that I felt AMAZING!  I now have so much energy, sleep like a baby, and finally feel healthy again.   Since the cleanse, I have continued to eat the foods recommended by Andrina and I find it easier to say no to all the temptations around me.

                                                                                                      SL – Vancouver