April 23, 2017 is the kick off to the Fall Delicious 30 Day Sugar Cleanse.


“Today was my Energy day! Sugar Cleanse is showing Results. I got so much done, was not tired and had fun cleansing my House and dump Stuff at the Brockenhaus (Goodwill)”



Are you ready to say good-bye to your cravings and hello to more energy? Swap out your sweet tooth with improved physical and mental health.

I do have to warn you…side effects of better focus & concentration, improved digestion, quality sleep, a stronger immune system and weight loss may occur  😉


Click here to read what people have experienced during the previous Sugar Cleanses.


And hear what Jackie had to say.


No matter where in the world you are, you can participate!!


Kick off: Sunday April 23rd, 2017
Wrap up: Tuesday Mai 23, 2017
Price: Until April 9th: CA$125 | CHF115 – after April 9th: CA$145 | CHF135
(for just a little bit more you get 90 days with me… 😉 )


Convinced that this is something for your? 

Register here 

Not sure you can do it or have questions? Let’s chat about your personal situation, email me (andrina @ . For some answers to frequently asked questions scroll down to after the german section. 


“I’ve had a good level of energy and feel much better overall. I’ll continue cutting out most refined sugars. These past weeks have made me so much more aware and I’ve been reading labels closely. Less processed food at our house and better planning and preparation. It’s been great so far!”




Am 23. April starten wir mit den 30 Tagen ohne Zucker.



Bist Du bereit um diesen Gelüsten tschüss zu sagen und mehr Energie willkommen zu heissen? Wie wäre es, diese süssen Naschereien mit mehr körperlicher und mentaler Gesundheit auszutauschen?

Ich muss Dich jedoch warnen….mögliche Nebenwirkungen können erhöhte Konzentration, regelmässigere Verdauung, besseren Schlaf, ein stärkeres Immune System und Gewichtverlust sein. 😉


Wo immer Du auf dieser Welt bist, Du kannst mitmachen.


Startschuss: Sonntag, 23. April 2017
Finale: Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

Preis: melde Dich bis am 9. April an und profitiere vom Early Bird Preis von CHF115 (CA$125), danach wird der Preis auf CHF135 (CA$145) erhöht


Melde Dich jetzt an….


Im Preis inbegriffen sind detaillierte Richtlinien, Rezepte, Menüplan, Einkaufsliste, 2 ein-stündige Online Gruppen Besprechungen, unlimitierter Email Support, eine persönliche 20 minütiger telefonischer check in, Zutritt zu der privaten Facebook Gruppe und noch ein paar süsse (zuckerfrei 😉 ) Überraschungen


Bist Du nicht sicher ob Du es auch wirklich durchziehen kannst oder hast Du Fragen, lass uns Deine persönliche Situation besprechen (andrina @


Unten schon ein paar Antworten zu häufigen Fragen (auf Englisch)


Hi liebe Andrina
Ich fühle mich pudelwohl 🙂
Das Kochen macht mega Spass, wenn es einem auch mehr abverlangt, Geschmack auf natürliche Weise in die Gerichte zu zaubern.
Mir geht es richtig gut und mittlerweile werde ich von Freunden und Nachbarn angesprochen, dass ich wohl abgenommen hätte und so gesund aussehen würde – hey….Ich glaube, ich habe einen gnaz wunderbaren Weg der gesunden Ernährung gefunden….Danke Dir
Big big hug


Need some answers…read more here 

Why do we cleanse?
Our standard Diet is full of sugary and processed foods which are often loaded with additives and preservatives. This leads to an over loaded digestive system; some experts say that up to 80% of our energy goes into our digestion (no wonder people get tired after eating!). During a cleanse our digestive organs including the liver, colon and stomach get to take a rest. Clean food gives the body energy and does not deplete it.

Why 30 days?
It’s important not to shock the body and approach a cleanse gently. The Delicious 30 Day Sugar Cleanse is set up in 3 stages.
Phase 1 = Intro phase during which you will prepare your body and mind for the cleanse. This includes eliminating certain foods, stock up fridge and pantry and prepare for phase 2.
Phase 2 = 2 weeks of cleansing
Phase 3 = re-introductory phase. You will start reintroducing foods you’ve eliminated in phase 2 back into your diet.
Every phase is guided step by step by me. So you won’t have to figure things out alone.


How will I feel?
Initially it is possible to have lower energy, experience headaches, more cravings and moody swings. Once the initial detox has happened this will change to the opposite. You will have more energy, less cravings, better sleep and digestions and possible weight loss.


I won’t know what to eat?
Don’t worry, I will share lot’s of recipes, meal planning ideas and shopping guidelines

What about my family and if I have social engagements?

The recipes you will receive are suitable for everyone and your family will love them too. If you have social engagement we’ll discuss tips and tools on how to manage them without being the party pooper of the crowd 😉

I have allergies or other dietary restrictions?
Anything can be accommodated just contact me with your specific needs so we can talk in more details.


What is so bad about sugar?
Like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs; sugar is highly addictive and it has no nutritional value. The power of sugar is underestimated and therefore a guided and supported cleanse is very impactful and easier accomplished.


Will I have to buy supplements, powders or anything in addition?
No, the cleanse is purely based on whole foods

What is included in the price?
Detailed guidelines, recipes, meal planning ideas, shopping list, 2 1 hr online group meetings, unlimited email support, 1 personal 20 min phone check in, access to the private Facebook and some sweet (no sugary 😉 ) surprises


Still not sure about something? Contact me with ANY of your questions.


WHY WAIT? REGISTER NOW  and give this gift of health to yourself!





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