The Power of Essential Oils can alter
your physical, emotional and mental well-being within seconds.

The Power of Essential Oils can alter
your physical, emotional and mental well-being within seconds.

I started playing around with essential oils a few years ago, during a time I experienced high stress in my corporate job which affected my emotional and physical health. Together with yoga, meditation and healthy food, essential oils soon became a daily part of my life. They helped me stay grounded, improve my overall well-being and took my health to a whole new level!
Since then I’ve experimented with many delicious scents, slowly educating my way towards being an expert in what oils I need based on my feelings and state of mind. Oils have brought me joy, focus, relaxation, peace and relief.

I incorporate them into my Yoga Classes, Health & Lifestyle Coaching and EFT to take each modality to the next level benefiting my clients’ well-being.

There are oils for most ailments, pain, cleaning products and beauty issues. Their therapeutic benefits are endless.


Why dōTERRA?

I would buy oils from my local health store not knowing that they may not be pure or of high quality. dōTERRA is committed to producing oils that are of the highest quality, that are pure, potent and produced in an ethical manner. Their products are 100% natural.

dōTERRA are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils and represent the safest and most beneficial oils available. This standard is verified by third party labs. Learn more about CPTG quality testing here.

dōTERRA is committed to Co-Impact Sourcing worldwide. They team up with farmers whose families have been growing and harvesting that plant for generations. dōTERRA is also a supporter of the Healing Hands Foundation.

If you are interested in learning more about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and how they could benefit you, then contact me today for a free consultation.

To start shopping for your own oils, visit my dōTERRA online store.


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